mercoledì 23 settembre 2009

Asio4all risolti problemi di latenza con VST

Questo simpatico programmatore ( Michael Tippach) ha risolto un problema che affligge coloro che usano strumenti VST su schede audio non professionali: la latenza. Questa è il ritardo che intercorre tra il segnale MIDI inviato al programma sequencer (Cubase, Nuendo, etc..) e la produzione del suono da parte del VST impiegato (Halion, Kontakt, virtual synth o altro). La latenza è ineliminabile ma si può ridurre di molto fino ad essere accettabile, cioè non percepibile.
Il driver ASIO4all è gratuito e freeware.

In pieno spirito orizzontale Michael scrive nelle Faq-

Q: Is there a way to contribute to the ASIO4ALL development effort? I haven't found a "Donate" button, but I'd like to make a donation!

A: I have received quite a number of these kind offers from people. First of all, thank you for this! It gives me hope in a society where, according to some who unfortunately appear to be running the show, virtually every aspect of human interaction is dictated by the laws of marketplace economy, shareholder value and whatnot, essentially excludiung the possibility of someone willing to give away money or other valuables to a total stranger where there is no obligation at all! Anyway, even though I deeply despise some aspects of capitalism, so far I managed to do fairly well, financially. Thus, if your resources are limited, they are best spent on buying one or the other essential piece of gear to support your music. If, OTOH, there regularly is some drinking money left in your pocket at the end of the month, and you feel that more drinking is not going to improve your quality of life, you are free to donate to one of the few non-SCAM organizations that strive to improve or even save the lifes of folks who could really use a little help - as a matter of understatement. Another reason is - even though it might not actually mean that - accepting donations would give me a sense of owing to people - removing the aspect of a recreational activity from the project at least somewhat. Oh yeah: And if you are what could be referred to as "wealthy" and you absolutely feel that my name should appear in your last will, feel free to contact me at any time of the day, any day...

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