lunedì 2 febbraio 2015

Forty-nine, Forty-nine - di CHRISTOPHER TRAPANI

La Tastiera qui sotto è quella del Fokker Organ, permette di ottenere note molteplici rispetto alla scala temperata equabile di 12 semitoni...   il risultato è folle...

"Forty-nine, Forty-nine was written for the Fokker Organ, a microtonal organ recently restored and installed in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam.The title makes reference to the two modes of determining pitches used in the piece—those using the overtone series as a guide (the piece opens with the 7th and 49th partials, beautifully approximated by the Fokker organ, of a low G at around 49 Hz) and the combination of Huygens-Fokker scale steps—49 steps representing a mean-tone 12th, used throughout the piece.
The Fokker Organ is tuned in 31-tone Equal Temperament, with steps of 38.71 cents between each pitch. It has two manuals with two registers each, and pedals with a range of an octave plus a fourth.The rather unorthodox keyboard uses white, black, and blue keys, arranged in overlapping tiers so that one plays horizontally across the keyboard for pitches related by just thirds, but must move diagonally upwards to play “in tune.” In this video, I demonstrate a chain of three just thirds, each at a distance of ten steps on the organ (387.1 cents), for a total of 30 steps — or just 38.7 steps short of an octave. I then play this “false octave,” followed by a just intonation cadence of G with a 7th remarkably close to the 7th partial, followed by a just major third on C – E." by CHRISTOPHER TRAPANI ( )

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